Girls Varsity Lacrosse starting off strong

The Girls Varsity Lacrosse team racked up an impressive week, with three total games and coming away with three wins as well as an impressive total goal margin of 31 goals scored to nine allowed.

Canton 12, Plattsburgh 2

Canton racked up all of the stats in this contest, putting up an impressive 12 goals throughout the game. The ball was distributed well for the Bears the entire game, as six of their players put a goal in the back of the net.

Olivia Francey led the charge for the Bears in the goal category, netting five of her own.

Not far behind her were Claire Coakley and Vivian Coburn, both dropping two goals each and Coburn chipped in three assists on the night as well.

Maddie Ayrassian, Sara Aldous and Laurel Whittier all scored their first goal of the Varsity Season on Tuesday night in the win.

Grace Davis stood strong in net for the Bears, only allowing two goals all game and helping the Bears secure the win.

Canton 11, Ogdensburg 3

Olivia Francey and Vivian Coburn racked up some pretty impressive stats for this game that led to the Bears win, with Francey racking up four goals and six draws controlled. Coburn had a game high of nine total points, with two of them coming off of goals and seven from assists.

Grace Davis stood strong in net for the Bears, only letting up three total goals on the day with 12 shots on net.

Megan Martin’s vocal presence for her team was what also led the Bears to success on the defensive end. Martin also netted one goal of her own as well as an assist.

Canton 16, Heuvelton 4

The Bears capped off an impressive week of play with a 16-4 win over the Heuvelton Bulldogs. Senior Captain Megan Martin who chipped in three goals and two assists was questioned about how her team performed on Saturday morning. “I think we played well as a team and that everyone was very connected,” she said. “I think that everyone definitely played their own rolls which helped us with our win.” Martin is heading off to play college Lacrosse in the fall at Nazareth University and has high hopes for this team in her final season as a Golden Bear.

Olivia Francey led the Bears in the goal column with five of her own.

Grace Davis had another strong game in net with only four goals allowed on 12 shots. The Bears will try and channel this momentum as they are heading into the bulk of their season.

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