Seaway Valley Prevention Council (SVPC), Advancing Tobacco Free Communities (ATFC) and Reality Check hosted their first ever Rock n’ Skate event at the Canton Pavilion on Friday, March 10. This was a county wide event to engage families and get their perception on tobacco and vape use at parks, playgrounds, and beaches within the community. On Friday night 250 community members along with youth of all ages received free skate rentals, hot chocolate, cookies donated by Cindy’s Cake Shop and Pizza provided by Little Italy in Canton. 

Top row, from left, Program Coordinator Travis Jordan, Talan Green, John Wilcox, Mat Bradish-Hayes, Ryan Faunce, Josh Ayrassian, Daniel Richardson, Ryan Mitchell, Marcus Anton. Bottom row, from left, Program Coordinator Rico Dobbs, Teagan Green, Community Engagement Coordinator Sarah Barr. (Photo provided)

ATFC Staff were grateful to have help from members of the local high school football team while setting up the event.

 “Hosting this event has been a tremendous success both for our community and for our council,” said Program Coordinator Travis Jordan. “The tobacco industry for years has manipulated their marketing and advertising strategies to attract youth to try their enticing products. We wanted to host this rock n’ skate to raise awareness on this issue, but also for our community to have a fun event for all to enjoy.”  

“Having some of the Canton football players help with the setup and facilitation of the event, really made a difference, Jordan added. “They are some hard-working guys, I was impressed with their dedication to helping their community members, and ATFC can’t thank them enough.”

“We appreciate this opportunity to give back to the community that supports us year in and year out. Our football team wanted to show we care about the people here especially our peers,” said Canton Football standout Talan Green, who assisted with the event. “Being able to give back and assist with this event that raises awareness about the dangers of tobacco and more specifically vaping, has been both fun and fulfilling. We hope to collaborate again with SVPC in the future!”

Seaway Valley Prevention Council would also like to thank Little Italy in Canton, Park Bros, The Big Spoon in Potsdam, Jernabi Coffeehouse, Dunkin Donuts and Cindy’s Cake Shop for their sponsorship with this family fun event. 

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