Boys Varsity Hockey drops both games in tournament

Beekmantown 4, Canton 1

The Bears lost a tough game to a highly ranked team in the state on Friday night in Massena. The final score of the contest was 4-1 in favor of Beekmantown.

Canton struggled on the offensive end of things in this matchup, only scoring one goal the entire game to Beekmantown’s four. Canton’s goal was scored by Josh Ayrassian in the third and final period of play, with just 1:35 remaining. Freshman Gavin Schryver had a great game in net to the Bears, only letting up three total goals on 42 shots on net by Beekmantown. The final goal for Beekmantown came on an empty net, as the Bears tried to rally around their late goal to mount a comeback, but it was all for not.

Victor 6, Canton 0

Canton lost their second and final game of the weekend agsint a very impressive Victor team, with the final score of the contest being 6-0 not in favor of the Bears.

Victor came out hot in this game against the Bears, scoring a total of six goals in the first two periods on a total of 28 shots. Daniel Creurer struggled in net on Saturday and ended up getting pulled for Gavin Schryver in the third period. He faired a bit better in net, with eight shots on him in the third and pitching a shutout for the time he was in.

Canton struggled on the offensive end again in this contest, with only twelve total shots on net throughout the entire game. The Bears will start on a fresh sheet this coming week as they prepare for a big week of league games.

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