JV Bears Win Twice on the Road

Last week the JV Golden Bears won twice against Harrisville and Ogdensburg. On Monday the Bears traveled to Harrisville in a non league match up.

Canton 62, Harrisville 17

The Bears started cold in a new gym, missing multiple layups and easy shots. However after a timeout called by Canton, their offense settled and started to click. Zadok Roiger drained two threes and Freshman guards Daniel Richardson and James Trombley along with Sophomore Lucas Howie all also drained one of their own in the first quarter. At the end of the first quarter the Bears held the Pirates to 7 points and had 23 of their own. Freshman OZ Zuker had an outstanding game defensively, grabbing a few rebounds and stealing the ball 3 times. In the second half the Bears scored 27 points and held Harrisville to just 6. The Bears won by a final score of 62-17.

Canton 51-Ogdensburg 33

On Friday the Bears were challenged by the Ogdensburg Blue Devils. The Bears came out on top in their most intense game of the season by a score of 51-33. Zadok Roiger led the Bears with 15 points, followed by Sophomore Charlie Todd with 10. Jackson Ames had double digit rebounds with the absence of Aidan Richardson and John Wilcox leaving the Bears weak on the boards. Defensively the Bears played solid, forcing turnovers and pressuring the ball. The Bears also only allowed five different Blue Devils to score.

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