Canton 3, Potsdam

The Varsity Volleyball team advanced to the Class C championship with a win in the Semi-Finals against the Potsdam Sandstoners. The Bears won three sets to zero in dominant fashion, beating Potsdam by six points or more in all three sets.

Canton came into this game with their eyes on advancing and that’s just what they did. The Bears dominated in the first two sets of the game, winning 25-7 and 25-11. Behind impressive efforts from key players like Ava Hoy with 10 points, eight kills, six aces, and three assists, and Katie Metcalf with seven points, six aces, four kills, two assists and two digs the Bears were able to secure the 25-19 win in the third and final set of the contest and advance to the Class C Championship in Massena.

Other notable stats for the game are as follows, Laurel Whittier with nine points and eight assists. Olivia Sero with 10 points and three aces and finally Josie Gabriel with seven points and four aces.

Canton 3, Salmon River 1

Canton battled hard on a Thursday night in Massena against the Salmon River Shamrocks to clinch their fourth straight Class C Championship. Beating the Shamrocks by a final score of three sets to one and advancing to the state tournament.

The Bears hopped off the bus after a 35-minute ride to Massena and came out of the gates cold. Losing the first set 21-25 against the Shamrocks and going down one set as they were on the hunt for their fourth consecutive Class C Championship. Then the Bears fired back, winning the next three sets in a row, 25-18, 27-25 and 25-21 to win the game and clinch the class championship.

Canton 3, Massena 0

Fresh off a class championship the Bears got back to work as they had their eyes set on the Section X Overall Championship. And with the final score of the game being a 3-0 win against Massena, they got one step closer to that goal.

The Bears were fresh coming off a win and showing no signs of slowing down, winning the first set 25-11 against the Red Raiders and not looking back the rest of the game. The Bears won the second set with no issues as well, with a final score in the second set of 25 to 13. Canton was up two sets to zero as the third set approached. Canton dusted Massena off their shoulders in the final set, with a score of 25-21 and advancing to the Section X Overall Championship against Malone.

Notable stats for the Bears in their win are as follows, Ava Hoy with 17 kills, 16 points, 10 aces, five digs, and three blocks. Katie Metcalf with 15 points, seven digs, and two assists. Finally Laurel Whittier with 13 assists, five points, and four digs.

Canton 3, Malone 1

The Bears capped off the cinderella run as they won the Overall Championship against Malone on Saturday in Massena. Canton won three sets to one and ended their season in Section X play on a high note.

The Bears came out knowing that they deserved to be here and that all of their hard work and challenges have prepared them for this moment. And they capitalized on the nerves of the opposing team as they won the first set 25-21. And shortly after that they won the second set with a score of 25-22 and got up two sets to zero in the game. Malone was going nowhere though, winning the third set with a score of 25-23 and cutting the set lead to just one for the Bears. Then just as it looked like the Huskies were going to stay in it and possibly claw their way back to win the fourth set and even the game to two sets to two the Bears squashed those hopes as they went on a 12-1 run to clinch the Overall Section X Championship for the second year in a row. Notable stats for the game are as follows, Josie Gabriel with 12 kills, five points, three blocks, and three digs, Laurel Whittier with 20 assists, five digs, three kills, and three points, Ava Hoy with 17 points, 15 kills, seven aces, nine digs, and five blocks. And last but not least Katie Metcalf with 22 points, eight digs, and three assists.

Awards for the season are below:
Ava Hoy, Section 10 West Division Most Valuable Player

Courtney Peters, West Division 1st Team All-Northern

Katie Metcalf and Emma Logan, West Division 2nd Team All-Northerns

Carla Wentworth, West Division Co-Coach of the Year

Laurel Whittier, Sportsmanship Award Winner

Katie Metcalf, Courtney Peters, and Olivia Sero, Athletes of Distinction

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