JV Volleyball Splits Games

Massena 3, Canton 0

The Bears battled on Tuesday night in Canton against the Red Raiders. They lost in a tough match. Although they ended up losing, Coach Rob Brown was optimistic and proud of how his team battled.

Canton lost the first set to the raiders 25-19 and then eventually ended up losing the second set 25-19. Although the Bears ended up losing the third and final set 28-25, they finished the game on a positive note taking the game into extra time and finishing strong.

“It was  a very competitive match that could have gone either way,” Brown commented on the team’s performance.

Leaving the night off on a high note, notable stats for the Bears are as follows: Elania Locy with one ace and three points served, Cecily Shipman with five kills and three aces and Halley Perrin with six aces.

Canton 2, Gouverneur 1

The Bears won their second match, which put them at .500 on the week. This was a quality win the this young team, winning two sets to one against the Wildcats on Thursday night in the Houli Dome.

It was an all around team effort for the Bears on Thursday night. Canton won the first set in dominant fashion, winning 25-10 and setting the tone for the game. Then they came out in the second set of the night just as determined winning 25-16 and although they lost the third and final set 27-25 they still came out with the win to end the week and head into next week’s games feeling strong and confident. Notable stats for the game are as follows: Halley Perrin with seven kills, two aces and one assist. Also Cecily Shipman played a tough game from behind the serving mark with five aces.

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