On behalf of the coaches we would like to thank the parents, administration, the fans of Canton lacrosse and our student-athletes for this season.   

We send our best to our graduating seniors Hayden Todd, Rhett Palmer, Kaden Baxter and Michael Schwartfigure in their future endeavors. We also send our best to Cade Chezum in his future at prep school. Their time in Canton and Colton sports has allowed them to grow into great young men. They have been a pleasure to coach and will be missed. The impact these young men had as leaders and teammates will carry on for years to come. We look forward to seeing them be successful in all aspects of their lives. We also hope they continue on with the sport of lacrosse, whether it be at the collegiate level or playing along with the alumni at Canton’s summer league. 

Our group of parents and alumni have been essential in the making moments this year special for our kids.  We would like to thank them. Brian Chezum for his spirited announcing that brought life to the game. Jen Hall who’s photographs captured special moments this season, including our senior day, our ceremony in celebrating ‘04 graduate Josh Aryassian and countless moments on the field.  Jay Berkman’s photography also captured great moments for our kids.  The groups of parents who set up and hosted team dinners and offered and gave support to the Canton Lacrosse Program.  Our senior parents who helped organize a beautiful ceremony for the boys final home game. Jake Newman who volunteered to keep our game clock this season. Bill Porter who as an athletic director offered constant and consistent support to our program at anytime he was asked. The grounds crew at Canton Central who kept our fields in great condition during tough spring weather.  And the many others who offered support to our coaches and players throughout the season, we say thank you!

Over the past few years the Canton Lacrosse Program had suffered through the effects of covid-19. The 2020 Season was halted after a week of practice. The 2021 season was met with constant and strict regulations regarding health and safety.  While allowed to compete in a local schedule, state playoffs were not held.  Through all of this our student-athletes stayed positive and were willing to do whatever it took to be able to play. They submitted to weekly covid-testing, played through masks while missing out on the use of

locker rooms and other essential things that help a program run.  Our athletes have suffered through these things due to no fault of their own and did them simply because they do whatever it took to play.  As a program we are very proud of the sacrifices these boys made for the betterment of each other. 

As a coach, I commend our players on their hard work on and off the field this season. We have yet to have any student-athlete ineligible academically or for any code of conduct violation.  This is a direct reflection of our teachers at Canton and Colton, our parents who are constantly reinforcing this and the type of kids our student-athletes are. It’s something to be very proud of. 

We look forward to the progression of our young student-athletes as they step into new roles next year and we hope to see everyone off the field this summer.

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