Nearly three years ago, Plaindealer Sports was born out of necessity. Canton was losing its beloved weekly newspaper, the St. Lawrence Plaindealer. Not only would we be without our most reliable and consistent news outlet, we were also losing a source of community pride.

While the hole left by the loss of the Plaindealer stood to impact all aspects of community involvement, many felt the sorest loss would be that of the local sports coverage. Plaindealer Sports was created as a way to continue telling the story of Canton sports, and the athletes whose accomplishments leave a mark on Canton athletics history.

And in some ways, Canton sports coverage has expanded in the brief history of Plaindealer Sports. More athletes at the junior varsity, modified, and even youth levels have been highlighted since 2019. This is thanks in large part to the outpouring of enthusiasm and participation from community members and leaders.

Now that the St. Lawrence Plaindealer has returned to Canton, Plaindealer Sports is proud to contribute to the rebirth of print news in Canton. Plaindealer Sports content will be featured weekly in print in the revitalized weekly paper, and that is an exciting prospect. But this only happens with continued support from community members. We would love your help!

Plaindealer Sports will continue to provide high school sports coverage, both online and now in print, through a network of student, parent, and coach contributors. We welcome community involvement on any and all other sports-related news from Canton and its surrounding villages and hamlets. No news is too small! If you participate in a softball or golf league, take photos at youth sporting events, or want to announce sign ups, tournaments, or other upcoming sporting events, please do not hesitate to reach out!

Every member of the Canton community can and should subscribe to the St. Lawrence Plaindealer to support its goal of bringing local news and sports coverage back to Canton. It’s affordable and easy! Local news is vital to a small town, and you can get yours delivered right to your door every Friday. Call Northern NY Newspapers at 315-782-1012 or follow the mailing instructions on the graphic to subscribe.

Pride carries Canton’s athletic community and drives its success. Enthusiasm for sports at all levels should be documented and celebrated. As the St. Lawrence Plaindealer returns to Canton, we can all be part of its success.

If you would like to contribute to sports coverage in Canton, or have an idea for a sports story, contact Plaindealer Sports Editor Jake Newman at

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