The Canton Bears Varsity Baseball team would like to thank a number of people who helped contribute to a 13-4 (10-2 league) season, the first winning season of Canton Baseball in over 30 years. To do this, a list with the relation to the team or program will be added.

The Seniors: Scott Ahlfeld, Sam Roiger, Tanner Hazelton, Daven Lafaver, Lane Rayburn, Gavin Thompson, and Evan Buchardt. 

The Coaches past and present: Matt Caufield, Rick Ahlfeld, Mark Mende, Jack Finnerty, Mike Couglar, Dan Roiger, Bob Ahlfeld, Jim Franklin, Ron Romano, Mike Wentworth and many others who have helped coaching for the time from little league to now. Without your guidance and teachings, we could not have hoped to be competitive at the level we play at today.

Alicia Wentworth: Thanks for being the scoreboard and soundboard operator, every game was special with your help.

Shelly Roiger: Thanks for keeping the book all year, not many people know how and every game needs accurate statistics.

Shelly Pike Ahlfeld: Thanks for the spectacular photos this year, everyone enjoyed them and also for the time to send them to individual people. Also, we thank you for helping us keep our field in pristine condition by weeding and other cosmetic issues that arise.

Bill Porter: A lot goes on behind the scenes, whether it be finding bus drivers, performing field maintenance, or ordering new jackets, a lot of success on the field is driven by success off the field, and a lot of credit to off the field success should be given to Bill Porter.

Nate Romano: Accurate statistics are important for any baseball team, and Nate worked to maintain a spreadsheet of all the players statistics for the year.

The Fans: Every sporting event can be enhanced or lessened by the addition of fans, especially other students. And with a fan section a little bit of atmosphere was added to each and every contest, for that we are grateful. We hope that this culture of support from the community and from our own students will continue for years to come.

The Parents: Even if most of the team found their way to practice in their own vehicles, it was years of dragging children to practices and games which led to the team we are today, and not enough can be said to thank each and every one of you for your investment in our success. Additionally, we would like to give a special thank you to all the parents who volunteered their time to run the brand new concession stand.

The Grounds Crew: Every team needs a field to play on, and ours continues to look nice years after its construction. Between mowing, dragging the field, and painting the lines, we would like to thank you all for the hard work put into our beautiful facility.

Many others have helped with Bears Baseball. Unfortunately, they cannot all be covered in the depth that they should be, and many others who have helped progress this program may not be mentioned. This is because of the wide range of people who contribute to the program. This culture is one that we as a team and as a school hope to foster for years into the future. Thank you to all that have come to a game, followed along with the season, and rooted for a Golden Bear win this season.

Finally, we would like to wish teams still playing this year, and all the teams in future years, success in their respective sports. Good luck, have fun, and GO BEARS!

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