The boys swim team, going by the nickname CLP, traveled to Carthage on a winter Tuesday evening.  Facing a Section III squad in their home pool is alway a daunting task, but the team was ready.  During break, the team practiced, focused, and prepared for the second half of the season.  

The first relay showed the strength of the CLP squad.  The team of Mark Hollinger, Daniel Armendariz-Huang, Juan Pablo Corona Gomez, and Alex Baxter led off the meet with a solid win in the 200 MR.  Baxter and Hollinger then took first in the next two races.  Unfortunately, the depth of Carthage started to show in the 4th race of the day, the 50 free.  Armendariz-Huang took second and Eric Choi put down his best time of the season to take 3rd.  But Carthage was able to tie it up by the end of the 50.  

The next event was diving. In Section X, none of the swim teams are allowed to field divers.  However, this is not the case in Section III.  The Carthage diver was able to cleanly take 1st, giving Carthage a 6 point lead.  From this point on the CLP team swam well, but was unable to close the gap.  Matt Tupper swam a tough three back-to-back events with the 500, 400 Free Relay, and 100 back.  His drive and effort shows the grit of the CLP team. Corona Gomez swam an excellent 100 breast, out-touching the Carthage competition by a mere 0.42 seconds.  

It was a great team effort by the CLP team, but Carthage proved to be too much.  CLP fell by a mere 5 points to the home team.   The CLP swim team will be back in the water on Saturday 1/11 as they host an invitational at Canton Central.

Full Results:

Carthage 89, Canton-Lisbon-Potsdam 84

200 Medley Relay – 1. Canton-Lisbon-Potsdam (Hollinger, Amendariz-Huang,

Corona Gomez, Baxter) 2:00.52; 2. Carthage; 3. Carthage; 200 Freestyle – 1.

Alex Baxter (CLP) 2:13.32; 2. Gavin Lajoie (CART); 3. Brandon Brown (CART);

200 Individual Medley – 1. Mark Hollinger (CLP) 2:33.70; 2. Hunter Berg

(CART); 3. Eric Waterhouse (CART); 50 Freestyle – 1. Evan Dicob (CART)

27.01; 2. Daniel Amendariz-Huang (CLP); 3. Eric Choi (CLP); Diving – 1.

Brett Wormwood (CART) 115.57; 100 Butterfly – 1. Evan Dicob (CART) 1:12.20;

2. Alexander Reinsburrow (CART); 3. Alex Butler (CLP); 100 Freestyle – 1.

Juan Pablo Corona Gomez (CLP) 55.17; 2. Gavin Lajoie (CART); 3. Ethan

Marilley (CART); 500 Freestyle – 1. Alex Baxter (CLP) 6:16.16; 2. Eric

Waterhouse (CART); 3. Leighton McNatt (CART); 200 Freestyle Relay – 1.

Carthage (Wormwood, Berg, Dicob, Lajoie) 1:53.69; 2. Canton-Lisbon-Potsdam;

3. Carthage; 100 Backstroke – 1. Mark Hollinger (CLP) 1:06.36; 2. Alexander

Reinsburrow (CART); 3. Eric Choi (CLP); 100 Breaststroke – 1. Juan Pablo

Corona Gomez (CLP) 1:12.20; 2. Hunter Berg (CART); 3. Daniel

Amendariz-Huang (CLP); 400 Freestyle Relay – 1. Canton-Lisbon-Potsdam

(Baxter, Hollinger, Amendariz-Huang, Corona Gomez) 4:06.26; 2. Carthage; 3.


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