The 2021 Girls Swim Team with Coach Stuntz and Coach McGovern. 10 Straight League Championships! 118 Consecutive League Victories!

In the McKenney Middle School Pool, Canton, October 29, 2021

Canton 95, St Lawrence 75

On paper it looked like a close meet and in the pool it was.  The crowd was electric.  Both teams came ready to race.  The athletes were focused and locked in. 

The meet started with a tough second place in the 200 MR for the Lady Bears.  Laying down a season best time of 2:05.42 the team of Stuntz, Redfern, Thomas, and Alguire was just edged out by SLC.  However, that setback didn’t hold the Bears down as Olivia Logan, Maddie Mitchell, and Maralisa Salvi-Miguel stormed back in the 200 Free taking 2, 3, and 4th.  Lexi Stuntz then faced the top-ranked 200 IMer in the Section.  Lexi was undaunted by the 4 second lead that the SLC swimmer had after the fly.  She stuck to her game plan and reeled her in during the back, passed her during the breaststroke, and kicked hard in the freestyle to win the 200 IM in a season best and section leading time of 2:29.90.  

Lexi Stuntz was undaunted by a 4 second lead!

The meet was decided by the team, not by individuals, and Canton worked together to capture the win for their 9th of the season.  

The Lady Bears are now  focusing on their one remaining competition for the season – the Section X Championships on Sunday 11/7.  The Bears are approaching this meet like all the others this season – with dedication and purpose while having fun in the water.

The Section X Swimming Championships will be streamed on the NFHS Network.  Link:

Complete results:

Canton 95, St Lawrence 75

200 Medley Relay – 1. St Lawrence (Bordeleau, Bellinger, Bowles, Lantry)

2:05.18; 2. Canton; 3. Canton; 200 Freestyle – 1. Ella Bellinger (SLC)

2:11.94; 2. Olivia Logan (CAN); 3. Madison Mitchell (CAN); 200 Individual

Medley – 1. Alexis Stuntz (CAN) 2:29.90; 2. McKenna Bowles (SLC); 3. Skyler

Sanderson (CAN); 50 Freestyle – 1. Erin Lantry (SLC) 28.17; 2. Tessa

Alguire (CAN); 3. Maya Thomas (CAN); 100 Butterfly – 1.

McKenna Bowles (SLC) 1:09.92; 2. Maya Thomas (CAN); 3. Ashlyn Coca (SLC);

100 Freestyle – 1. Erin Lantry (SLC) 1:01.95; 2. Olivia Logan (CAN); 3.

Rebecca Nezezon (SLC); 500 Freestyle – 1. Skyler Sanderson (CAN) 6:12.19;

2. Marilisa Salvi-Miguel (CAN); 3. Madison Mitchell (CAN); 200 Freestyle

Relay – 1. Canton (Logan, Alguire, Sanderson, Redfern) 1:58.57; 2. St

Lawrence; 3. Canton; 100 Backstroke – 1. Alexis Stuntz (CAN) 1:08.83; 2.

Tessa Alguire (CAN); 3. Berkleigh Bordeleau (SLC); 100 Breaststroke – 1.

Kaitlyn Redfern (CAN) 1:17.62; 2. Ella Bellinger (SLC); 3. Carmen Mussen

(CAN); 400 Freestyle Relay – 1. St Lawrence (Nezezon, Bowles, Lantry,

Bellinger) 4:13.39; 2. Canton; 3. St Lawrence

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