The JV Volleyball team took a trip to Ogdensburg to play the Blue Devils on Thursday night. OFA has improved since the Bears last faced them, but the Bears were up for the new challenge. The Bears won the game winning the first two sets 25-13, 25-16, and losing the third 21-25.

In the first set the Bears came out stronger than ever. The Bears played one of their best sets of the season communicating and working together very well. The Bears rallied behind Josie Gabriel, and Haley Perrin’s strong serving to defeat the Blue Devils 25-13.

In the second set of the game the bears again continued to play very well together. Zoey Mattice had strong serving in this set, overall the bears controlled the set and got the 25-16 win.

The third set got off to an early Blue Devil lead, which looked like a tough feat for the Bears to come back from. But the Bears fought back hard and protected Maura Onyper’s serve for 9 points and cutting the Blue Devil lead. The Bears looked to win all three sets, but fell a little short with the 21-25 loss. 

Stat leaders on the night were Katie Metcalf with 4 kills, 1 assist, 2 digs, and 2 aces. Laurel Whittier had 1 kill, 3 assists, 3 digs, and 2 points served. Emma Logan contributed 1 kill, 1 assists, 4 digs, 2 aces, and 2 service points. Josie Gabriel had 2 kills, 1 assist, 9 aces, and 5 service points. Hailey Perrin had 4 digs, 1 ace, and 5 total service points. Finally Cecily Shipman with 1 kill, 1 assist, 3 digs, 1 ace, and served up 2 points.

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