Masks Still Required at Athletic Events


TO: NYSPHSAA Section Executive Directors

FR: Dr. Robert J. Zayas, NYSPHSAA Executive Director

RE: Mask/ Face Covering Guidelines

DATE: May 18, 2021

As of today (May 18, 2021 at 3:00 PM) the NYSDOH Sports & Recreation guidance has not been updated pertaining to mask/ face covering guidelines for interscholastic athletics.

Yesterday Governor Cuomo announced masks are still required on public transit, in nursing homes, in homeless shelters, correctional facilities, schools and healthcare facilities across the state in accordance with the new federal guidelines.

To provide clarity and direction for our member schools, the mask/ face covering guidelines are still in place for interscholastic athletics (both outdoor and indoor).

If schools need further information pertaining to mask/ face covering guidance, I encourage them to contact their local Department of Health.

The NYSDOH Sports & Recreation guidance (March 25, 2021) on face coverings states:

“Responsible Parties must ensure a distance of at least six feet is maintained among individuals at all times, whether indoor or outdoor, unless safety or the core activity (e.g. practicing, playing) requires a shorter distance. If a shorter distance is required, individuals must wear acceptable face coverings, unless players are unable to tolerate a face covering for the physical activity (e.g. practicing, playing); provided, however, that coaches, trainers, and other individuals who are not directly engaged in physical activity are required to wear a face covering.” I wish everyone the best of luck as we finish this unprecedented school year.

If you have any questions, please contact me at once.

Dr. Robert Zayas

NYSPHSAA Executive Director

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