The remarks below were submitted by two current C.C.S. Student-Athletes who shared their remarks.

I’m a sophomore in high school and athletics to me means is staying healthy.  I’ve been in athletics my whole life. Whether it was pee wee soccer or lacrosse when I was little, it was something we got to go to after school or in the evening and on weekends. It is fun working as a team and having something to look forward to. If we didn’t have sports this spring it would be disappointing to me. After 2:30 I don’t have to think about school stuff anymore and I get to clear my mind. 

C.C.S. Sophomore

To me, sports mean many things. They are a way to have and make great friendships and they are a way to grow as a person in many ways. Sports are set up so that everyone on a team has a role. This creates an environment where everyone can be who they want to be and fill the role they want to fill. People learn many life lessons from sports, for example being able to cooperate with others and accomplish a goal while working with others. This is a very hard thing to learn if you don’t play a team sport and I think that it is something that benefits someone for the rest of their life, even in their work life. Individually, sports allow someone to find a place for themselves where they can succeed and feel good about themselves. What I love most about sports is the anticipation and looking forward to a game. Sports allow individuals and teams to show others what they are capable of within the sport that they participate in.

Athletics are an important part of a kid’s education during a pandemic and not during one. If they were removed it would be like losing a core class that teaches you more than math and science would. This would be a very big loss for everyone, especially during a pandemic, sports should be pushed to happen if they can be done safely because with all the negative in the world sports allow for something to be happy about in an unhappy time.

C.C.S. Senior

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