If you have any old photos to share, please send them to Bill Porter at wporter@ccsdk12.org to be archived at C.C.S. Thank you.

(Left) Frank Pitts, Karl Mayhew, Red Thomas, & Bob Coakley (Right) standing outside of the Brewer Bookstore on the campus of SLU. Photo provided by Tom Coakley
(Left) Ollie Audet, Bill Hayden, Roger Dusharm, Gerald Hourihan, John Oliver, Jerry Smilgin, & Pat Casey (Right). Photo was taken on the varsity football field looking towards the new baseball and softball fields.
Coach Frank Shields. Leader who paved the way for boys and girls lacrosse in not only Canton, but the entire North Country.
(Left) Jerry Smilgin, Gerald Hourihan, Jerry Welch, Don Petty (Right)
(Left) Hourihan, Petty, Ayrassian, Farmer and Perry at SUNY Canton. (Right)
(Left) Gerald Hourihan, John Ayrassian, Coach Frank LaFalce, Don Petty & Fred Rycroft (Right)
Section X Coaches & Officials Annual Basketball Game
C.C.S. Teachers
Annual Teacher/Coach first day of summer vacation softball game.

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