Boys Varsity Basketball picks up steam with crucial wins

Canton 57, Potsdam 42

The Bears picked up their first win in five games on Monday night in Potsdam against the Sandstoners. With a final score ending up at 57 to 42, the Bears snuck out a much needed win.

The Bears now advance their record to 2-5 on the season. Junior point guard Ryan Jones shot it well from the arc and helped lead the Bears to victory. Canton picked it up from the three-point line from an overall perspective as well, shooting it well and gaining confidence while doing it.

Potsdam eighth grader Ian VanWagner gave the Bears some trouble to start out the game but after the first quarter of play the Bears put together a defensive scheme that killed his productivity and overall was the nail in the coffin for a young Potsdam team.

Canton 63, Ogdensburg 26

The Bears capped off a strong week with a win against the Blue Devils on Wednesday night in the Houli Dome. Canton won the game from all aspects, dominating on the defensive and offensive end which overall led to a big Canton win.

The Bears starting five got off to a hot start, gaining a large lead after the first quarter. Ogdensburg struggled to stop the Bears on the defensive end and could not produce much on the offensive end either. The whole team had a good night for Canton, with 12 of their 14 players scoring.

In the fourth quarter the Bears did not let off the gas, with the five that were in the game shooting well from the arc and penetrating the Devils defense with ease.

Overall this is a momentum builder for a now 3-5 Canton team as their home tournament is nearing next week.

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