Canton 3, Postdam 0

Seniors for Canton, from left, include Ariah Martinez, Paula Campoy Egea, Katie Metcalf, Courtney Peters, Grace Davis, and Olivia Sero. (Photo courtesy of Kristen Whittier)

The Golden Bears capped off their last home game of the season with a strong win against Postdam on Senior night in the Houli Dome, defeating the Sandstoners three sets to zero and getting one step closer to securing the one seed for playoffs.

It was senior night on Monday for Courtney Peters, Katie Metcalf, Grace Davis, Olivia Sero, Ariah Martinez, and Paula Campoy. On this night the Bears dominated the floor, winning all three sets in dominant fashion. The Bears won the first set 25-17, the second 25-17, and the third and final set 25-20.

From all aspects of the game, the Bears dominated all night behind efforts from the whole team, including great efforts behind players such as Ava Hoy 19 points with 14 aces and eight kills and Laurel Whittier with 11 assists. Finally, Katie Metcalf rounded off the night for the Bears with seven points.

Canton 3, OFA 0

The Bears traveled to the city of Ogdensburg on Oct. 28 with their sights set on the one seed for Class C. And after a very solid win over the Blue Devils, they secured the first seed as they head into playoffs.

Canton capped off an impressive 14-2 season as they defeated the Blue Devils on Thursday night. The Bears came out hot in the first set, beating the Blue Devils 25-17 in the first set. Not much changed in the second set as Canton got the 2-0 advantage after winning the set 25-19. To finish off their season and secure the number-one seed the Bears won the third set 25-16.

Katie Metcalf notched an impressive performance on Thursday night with eight points, six kills, and four aces.

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