First Booster Club Sportsmanship Coupons Awarded to Martin, Schonberg

Senior girls varsity soccer player Megan Martin was recognized last Friday as the first-ever winner of the Canton Golden Bears Booster Club Sportsmanship Coupon, presented by members of the Booster Club to an athlete who displays good sportsmanship in competition. The Booster Club members present at Friday’s contest against Jordan-Elbridge felt that she did a great job encouraging her teammates and cheering her team on.

Josie Schonberg was selected as a winner on Monday. Schonberg was picked because she worked hard on the field, tenaciously chasing down the ball and cheered on her teammates while on the bench.

Martin and Schonberg were each awarded a coupon for free food at KFC. KFC in Canton is a proud sponsor of the Golden Bears Booster Club. This fall the Booster Club will be watching the Golden Bears and awarding sportsmanship coupons for free KFC food several times a week.

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