Sports sign-ups for the 2022-2023 schoolyear are currently taking place through July 8. Any student in grades 7-12 may register at this link, Sports Sign-Ups . After completing a number of health related questions, the site will ask for an electronic signature and date. It will then ask you and your athlete to familiarize yourself with the student-athlete code of conduct. It is important to note that the athlete will need to agree to the terms and conditions of the code prior to signing and dating the document.

Students will need to have a well-child physical exam on file prior to starting their season. All of this information can be found at the site above. Once you navigate there please use the “Quicklinks” tab to find a physical examination form. It is important to schedule a physician’s appointment early so that your athlete may attend practice on the first day!


Canton Central School offers the following Fall Sports;

  • Modified, JV and Varsity Soccer (boys and girls)
  • Modified, JV and Varsity Football (includes mergers)
  • Modified, JV and Varsity Volleyball (girls)
  • Modified and Varsity Cross Country (boys and girls-includes mergers)
  • Swimming (girls- includes mergers)

Winter Sports

  • Modified, JV and Varsity Basketball (girls and boys)
  • Varsity Ice Hockey (girls and boys- includes mergers)
  • Modified and Varsity Wrestling (boys-includes mergers)
  • Modified and Varsity Swimming (boys-includes mergers)
  • Modified and Varsity Winter Track and Field (girls and boys-includes mergers)

Spring Sports

  • Modified and Varsity Spring Track and Field (girls and boys- includes mergers)
  • Modified and Varsity Lacrosse (boys and girls- includes mergers)
  • Modified, JV and Varsity Softball (girls)
  • Modified and Varsity Baseball (boys)
  • Varsity Golf (boys and girls- boy’s team)


Fall practices begin on Saturday, August 20 for JV and Varsity Football. On Monday August 22, all other JV and Varsity sports will begin. Modified sports always begin one week later. This fall they will begin on Monday, August 29. Specific times and locations will be provided later this summer.


The NYSPHSAA regulations state that all athletes must participate in 6 practices in order to meet the eligibility requirements for scrimmages and games. Football and baseball players as well as wrestlers must participate in 10 practices to do the same. PLEASE keep this in mind as you plan your summer vacations.


Jump in and be a three season athlete!!

You may sign up for all three seasons at one time. The coaches and I encourage our best athletes to get involved with as many sports as possible. Research and qualitative data from coaches supports the notion that an athlete who chooses engage in a variety of sports finishes their career with many more possible positive outcomes including feelings of belonging to many teams, interactions with multiple coaches, a balanced workout schedule with an abundance of variety, and the potential to foster meaningful relationships with a larger number of people. So please consider being a true “Golden Bear” and sign-up for all three season!


There will be a mandatory meeting for all modified and new athletes, as well as a parent or legal guardian on Wednesday, August 24th at 7:00 pm in the High School Auditorium. The one hour session will include an overview of the athletics program, our policies and requirements and will include a question and answer session. All modified and first time athletes are required to attend.


The New York State Public High School Athletic Association is the governing body for high school sports. Many questions can be answered at the following site.

For questions please reach out to Bill Porter at 315-386-8561 extension 43145


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