With North Country weather as unpredictable as it is, we can anticipate many changes to the Canton Golden Bears Athletics Schedule. For real time notifications of these changes a person can register to have an email or text message sent to them when a contest has been postponed, rescheduled or canceled. The screenshots below can help you find the location where this can be set up for you and your athlete’s schedule.

First navigate to the Athletics page and click on the “Sports Schedules” tab. See the arrow below and us this link to navigate to the home page. https://www.ccsdk12.org/

Once you’ve arrived at the Sports Schedules page, please expand the navigation panel and look for the “Notify Me” tab located below the calendar. Click on this location to set up the type of notification you would like to receive and those sports you and your athlete is affiliated with. When events are changed, a message will be sent to your device immediately.

For those with additional questions or issues please contact Bill Porter at wporter@ccsdk12.org or 315-386-8561 extension 43145.


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