The CLP Boys Swimmers took two victories on Senior night.  Swimming virtually, the team swam against the Huskies of Franklin Academy and the Patriots of Ausable Valley.  While the meet against a small squad from Franklin Academy was a great opportunity for both squads to race, the meet with Ausable Valley was a clash of the titans.

Before the meet started, the CLP Boys Team took this night to recognize their seniors and exchange students.  Mark Hollinger and Juan Paul Corona Gomez have both been stalwarts for the boys team this season.  Hailing from Germany and Mexico, respectively, they have been key members of the team and their contributions will be missed next season.  The other two seniors on the squad, Alex Baxter and Trevor Bates, have been with the team since its inception.  Alex and Trevor were part of the inaugural team as freshman and have swum for four years.  Each has proven, time and again, to be a leader in and out of the pool.  Their strength, attitudes, and spirit will be missed in the future.  It was a great final dual meet for this class of graduating athletes.  

Coming into the meet, Ausable was undefeated in dual meets on the season and CLP had just one dual meet loss against section 7 or 10 foes.  The CLP boys were ready and they came to race.  Led by seniors Alex Baxter and Trevor Bates the team won the 200 Medley Relay in a season best time of 1:56.63.  Baxter, swimming the 50 fly for the first time this season, put down an impressive 27.70 split.  Bates anchored with a season best 26.00.  The team continued strong for the rest of the meet with individual wins in the 200 Free (Daniel Armendariz-Huang), 200 IM (JP Corona Gomez), 50 Free (Mark Hollinger), and 100 Breaststroke (Trevor Bates).  The CLP squad also took first in both freestyle relays.  New swimmer Luis Rodriguez-Guerrero was a welcome addition to the squad with a strong second place finish in the 50 free and a close 3rd place finish in the 100 free.  Eric Choi continues to be strong in the fly as he has positioned himself well for an excellent Sectionals.   

The CLP Boys Team looks forward to the Sectional Championships on Sunday 2/13 at Maxcy Hall, SUNY Potsdam.  


Canton-Lisbon-Potsdam 92, Ausable Valley 76

200 Medley Relay – 1. Canton-Lisbon-Potsdam (Hollinger, Corona Gomez, Baxter, Bates) 1:56.63; 2. Canton-Lisbon-Potsdam; 3. Ausable Valley; 200 Freestyle – 1. Daniel Amendariz-Huang (CLP) 2:19.18; 2. Tim Lloyd (AUS); 3. Ted Bruno (AUS); 200 Individual Medley – 1. Juan Pablo Corona Gomez (CLP) 2:18.63; 2. Alix Perras (AUS); 3. Chandler Perry (AUS); 50 Freestyle – 1. Mark Hollinger (CLP) 25.58; 2. Luis Rodriguez Guerrero (CLP); 3. Trevor Bates (CLP)Diving Not Contested; 100 Butterfly – 1. David Butler (AUS) 1:09.94; 2. Eric Choi (CLP); 3. Konnor Facteau (AUS); 100 Freestyle – 1. David Butler (AUS) 58.72; 2. Daniel Amendariz-Huang (CLP); 3. Luis Rodriguez Guerrero (CLP); 500 Freestyle – 1. Patrick Hagadorn (AUS) 5:35.98; 2. Juan Pablo Corona Gomez (CLP); 3. Alex Baxter (CLP); 200

Freestyle Relay – 1. Canton-Lisbon-Potsdam (Hollinger, Amendariz-Huang, Bates, Baxter) 1:46.65; 2. Ausable Valley; 3. Ausable Valley; 100 Backstroke – 1. Alix Perras (AUS) 1:00.13; 2. Mark Hollinger (CLP); 3. Adam Sabatini (CLP); 100 Breaststroke – 1. Trevor Bates (CLP) 1:13.81; 2. Patrick Hagadorn (AUS); 3. Owen Pray (AUS); 400 Freestyle Relay – 1. Canton-Lisbon-Potsdam (Baxter, Sabatini, Amendariz-Huang, Corona Gomez) 3:59.59; 2. Ausable Valley; 3. Ausable Valley

For complete results:

Coach Stuntz, Mark Hollinger, JP Corona Gomez, Alex Baxter, Trevor Bates, Goach Garrow

Alex Baxter in the 500 Free

Trevor Bates in the 100 Breaststroke

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