Boys Hockey Routed By OFA

The Canton Bears Varsity Hockey Boys Hockey team took a disappointing 7-2 loss to the OFA Blue Devils on Wednesday night. Canton continued its string of poor first period play, and could not catch a breakout pass for the entirety of the first period. Canton further handicapped themselves by taking a number of penalties in the first period. These factors contributed to the 2-0 Blue Devil lead at the end of the first period.

Canton struggled defensively in the second period, and let in 3 more goals. The Bears saw significant offensive zone time compared with the first period, but lacked the ability to put the puck in the net. Down by 5 going into the third period, it was unclear if the Bears could break the OFA shutout. Johnny Mclear would hold this honor. Not long after Brad Frank found the back of the net after he banked it off the goaltender and in.

OFA would score 2 in the third period as well, making the score 7-2.

The Bears play Saturday against Norwood-Norfolk.

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