It was Kolby Todd, Ben Kenna, Ian Thrasher and Daniel Richardson that would coordinate the Bears offense Thursday night. Thrasher and Richardson led the bears in rushing yards both averaging five yards a carry. Todd and Kenna broke tackles to get a Golden Bear first down. However, a strong Potsdam defense would keep the Bears out of the end zone. 

On Defense, Parker Hurlbut, Noah Friot, Ayden Ashlaw and Landon Bice found themselves in the back field causing problems for the Potsdam Offense. Kenna led the Bears in tackles collecting over 15 tackles. Kenna was followed by Thrasher and Richardson. Owen Clifford, Ryan Faunce, Trenton Smith, and Skyler Garrisi would make big stops for the Golden Bear Defense.

The Bears faced a strong Potsdam team and were defeated 27-0 in Potsdam Thursday night. Next Thursday the Bears face Gouverneur at Home. 

“Sometimes in life you can have the perfect plan and do every right and the overall result doesn’t end up in your favor. The key is to never give up,” said Coach Dobbs. “We asked these boys to play for the guy next to them and give each other their very best and that’s exactly what they did. The score is not a good reflection of how well they played tonight. They continued to fight through the adversity and never gave up. I am very proud of these young men.” 

“This game reminded me of a Rocky Balboa fight,” added Coach Grant. “The boys came in with the right attitude, they brought the heat and did most everything they needed to do. They got beat, battered, and bruised, and they chose to keep fighting. Not once did i see the Canton Bears lay down and quit. It doesn’t show up on the stat sheet or the scoreboard, these guys displayed grit and determination, and for that, i couldn’t be more proud.” 

This post comes courtesy of Bill Tabb. Photos come courtesy of Gavin Matthews.

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  1. Looking for the write up from Thursday’s (Oct 28) home game vs Gouverneur. Thanks for these! They are great!!


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