Its hard to imagine but we are nearing the end of a challenging yet fantastic fall season! This past Friday started the one month clock which is now ticking down to the onset of the winter sports season. Sport offerings include;

  • Wrestling (Modified and varsity)
  • Winter Track and Field (Modified and Varsity for Boys and Girls)
  • Ice Hockey (Varsity for Boys and Girls)
  • Basketball (Modified, JV and Varsity for Boys and Girls)
  • Swimming (Modified and Varsity for Boys)

Coach email addresses can be found at rSchoolToday at the direct link below.


It is important that if you have not yet signed up that you do so as soon as possible. No student-athlete may begin practicing until they have completed the online registration process and have an up to date physical examination document on file with School Nurse Candy Bates. Registration for all athletes including merger athletes must be done at our “Sports Sign-Ups” tab at the atheltic department website. It can directly accessed here;

Practices for all JV and Varsity, as well as modified wrestling athletes begin on Monday, November 15. All other modified teams will begin a week later on November 22. Specific times and locations can are accessible on our “Sports Calendars” tab at the new school website. The Gymnasium and Pavilion Calendars are each linked at this location. They can be directly linked here:

Game, meet and match schedules can be located here;

Please register your athlete as soon as possible. It makes the transition from one season to another seamless for everyone when athletes register early. Thank you for your diligence with this and GO BEARS!!

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