The Bears End A Great Week By Defeating The Flyers 3-0

On Friday night the Bears travelled to Norwood to face the Flyers. Earlier in the week the Bears won against the Salmon River Shamrocks and were hungry for another victory. After a mix up with transportation, the Bears warmup was cut to 20 minutes instead of the usual 40. The Bears knew it wouldn’t be easy and they would have to exhaust themselves every shift. 

To start the game the Bears went hard to every 50/50 ball. The Bears defense worked hard to switch the field and use the center of the field to help redirect the ball from east to west. From the beginning the Bears had many shots on nets in hopes to put one in. The wall passes between Sophomore Stella Shipman and Junior Ally Kiah lead to Ally sliding a pass in between two Norwood defenders which allowed Emily “Estabon” Estabrooks to score the first goal of the game. This put the Bears ahead 1-0 at the end of the first half.  

At the start of the second half the intensity was high for both teams, but the Bears were eager for another goal. The Bears had their heads up and resorted to diagonal passes, allowing them to switch the field often. In the middle, Haley Stevenson and Emily Estabrooks communicated well and wallpassed around the Norwood defense, which led to Estabrooks scoring her second goal of the game assisted by Stevenson. Emily placed the ball in the top of the net just out of the goalkeeper’s reach. Senior Quinn Woodward was hungry for a goal and with a perfectly placed negative pass from Gabby “Peanut” Taylor, Quinn possessed the ball through the middle of the field, and released a perfect shot from about 25 yards out and the goalkeeper had no chance.  

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