I am writing this article to dispel some of the confusion surrounding the “Fall 2” season. When the school year began and the virus was forcing decisions to be made regarding higher risk sports, the NYSPHSAA decided to create a fourth season. Several sports were placed into this category and moved to the timeframe of March 1-April 18. Like all things Covid-19 related and subject to change, those dates are now March 22- April 24. The sports included in this season include:

Volleyball (Modified, JV and Varsity)

Football (Varsity)

Girls Swimming (Modified and Varsity)

Modified Basketball (Boys and Girls)

Girls swimming is a low risk sport as deemed by the NYS Department of Health but Section X made the decision to move the season from the Fall of 2020 to the “Fall 2” timeframe due to a number of factors, the largest of which was a lack of venue for some schools. The other sports were considered high risk until the Governor announced that schools could again consider offering them assuming they navigated several levels of local approval and had safety precautions in place.

It was decided that modified basketball would be moved to this season to accommodate a shortage of officials in Section X and to free up gym space during the winter season. Moving volleyball and modified basketball to the Fall 2 season helps with the logistics issues of the larger schools. More time between practice sessions for example, means the amount of time for cleaning is increased and allows teams to come and go more safely without passing by each other. It is still unclear what a football schedule may look like or even if it will be possible to offer given the many challenges. One thing is clear however, if it is possible and we are granted approval, we will provide everything we can for our athletes this Fall 2 season!

Sign-sups are occurring for the sports listed above. Please navigate the the Athletics Home page and click on the “Sports Sign-Ups” link if you are interested in participating. For that matter, I would encourage students to sign-up for the following spring sports as well. The spring season begins on April 19 and concludes sometime in late June TBD. Spring sports are listed below.

Wrestling (Modified and Varsity)

Softball (Modified, JV, and Varsity)

Baseball (Modified and Varsity)

Track and Field (Boys and Girls Modified and Varsity)

Lacrosse (Boys and Girls Modified and Varsity)

Golf (Modified and Varsity)

It is important to note that everything which is written above is subject to final approval and change. If you have any additional questions please email Bill Porter at wporter@ccsdk12.org or call at 315-386-8561 extension 43145. Stay safe everyone!

Go Bears!

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