“The best part of the game is the opportunity to play.”  The modified girls and Coach Kim French want to thank the tremendous support from the Canton Central School Administrators, Athletic Director, other coaches from Section X, Board of Education, families, and community for allowing this soccer season to happen. The modified girls finished fall 2020 this past weekend with an undefeated/ shutout season.  The squad scored a total of 33 goals in only 6 games and allowed a limited number of shots on net with none of them successful. 

Winnie Downs deserves some ample credit for her smart sweeper skill.  She has the speed to catch a potential breakaway, the skill and calm to know when to attack and when to step back, and the intelligence to force her diamond defense up the field or pull back as needed.  She and her supporting defenders, Abby Nee, Ella Mousaw, and other solid fullback replacements from the bench, confidently kept every team from scoring.  Stopper Elaina Robert rarely allowed the ball past center field.  Elaina is another reliable and aggressive athlete with the skill to control the ball and the strength to put it in front of the net from midfield.  This diamond defense definitely shines!

On the offensive end the lineup is just as well rounded with effective ball handling, passing, and shooting from every direction.  Friday’s game vs. Potsdam saw two goals against a determined defense.  The Bears had multiple shots and kept the ball at the Stoners end for the majority of the game with enthusiasm from the Stoner crowd in those rare moments they made it past half field.  Kailin Backus scored on a perfect direct kick from well outside the eighteen and Viv Coburn had a left footed goal on an assist from Backus.  

On a bright November Saturday morning the Bears played an improved Norwood team and finished their season with a 4-0 win.  Gracen Parker started the scoring in the 2nd quarter with her signature bullet shot from the wing.  Team player, Salma Moumen knows when to pass vs. shoot and had both an assist for Coburn and a goal from a flawless Backus corner kick that landed perfectly inside the 10 yard goal area. 

Finally, finishing the last goal of the season with a beauty from the corner of the penalty area, Sara Aldous had her 6th goal for the Bears.  Sara had the aggression and determination all along but knew she had to work on her striker shot at the start of the season.  It was amazing how far she came in a short amount of time!

“When you’ve got something to prove, there’s nothing greater than a challenge.” ~Terry Bradshaw.  

Coach French has this to say about this team… “Most coaches love to work with nice kids and would choose that over a winning team.  I happened to have both this season… incredible girls with enthusiasm, leadership, respect, and humor.  And not only those exemplary qualities but despite their success they always present themselves with gratitude and humility.  It’s fun and admirable to win, but the positive attitude and regard for others that these girls possess make them simply good. excellent. people.  I look foward to watching them grow and thrive as athletes and quality members of society.”

Members of the 2020 Bears Modified Team!

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