Section X Will Move Forward with Some Fall Sports Starting as Early as Sept. 21

The 24 school districts in Section X made a collective decision to move forward with an abbreviated fall sports season starting as early as September 21, according to an email from Section X Director of Interscholastic Athletics Carl Normandin.

In accordance with NYSDOH guidance (Interim COVID-19 Guidance for Sports and Recreation), the ability to participate in sports and recreation activities is determined by a combination of the risk for COVID-19 transmission (1) inherent in the sport or recreation activity itself and (2) associated with the “type of play” (e.g. individual practice vs. game). Sports and recreation activities are categorized by NYSDOH as “low” risk, “moderate” risk, and “high” risk. 

Per Governor Cuomo’s orders, districts are authorized to play low or moderate risk sports only at this time. This will include the sports of soccer and cross country for the Fall 2020 season. Junior varsity and modified teams will be considered one week after the varsity start up. High risk sports such as football, volleyball, and spirit cheer will be considered for a make-up season in the spring. 

Swimming is considered low risk, but due to logistical concerns the girls’ season will move from the fall to the spring. 

All athletes will be subject to comply with NYSPHAA health and safety guidelines, which are posted on the NYSPHAA website

Details specific to athletic operations at Canton Central School have been laid out by Athletic Director Bill Porter.

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