Canton Lady Bear Swimmers Impressive in 127 to 43 Win Over Potsdam

Thursday, Oct. 10, the Canton Lady Bears Swim Team rematched with Potsdam for another victory of 127 to 43. Canton took on Potsdam at their home pool and throughout the meet was able to score almost triple Potsdam’s final points. This meet was the Bears’ staggering 101st win in a row. 

Canton took first in all three relays this meet. Julia Domena, Grace O’Neill, Bella Jaskowski, and Skylar Sanderson were the victory team for the 200 Medley Relay with a time of 2:10.93. Not far behind them was Emma Berg, Lexi Stuntz, Carmen Mussen, and Dharma Crabtree who took second with a 2:22.54. In this event Canton also placed fourth. Crabtree along with Maya Thomas, Olivia Logan, and Emily Wentworth also took home first in the 200 Freestyle Relay with their time of 1:59.88. Emily Ames, Sarah Bailey, Madison Mitchell, and Carmen Mussen took third with a time of 2:06.21 and soon after, Canton also finished fifth. Emily Wentworth, Jaskowski, O’Neill, and Domena also secured first in the 400 Freestyle Relay with their time of 4:13.00, not far behind was Sanderson, Logan, Stuntz, and Thomas who took third with a 4:43.97. Canton also contributed a fourth place finish in this event. 

Canton took first-place victories in all individual races except in the 100 Backstroke. Wentworth, Thomas, and Logan occupied first through third in the 200 Freestyle. Wentworth took first with her time of 2:18.82, just behind her was Thomas who took second with a time of 2:28.41 and Logan also finished third in this event. Wentworth had a second-place win in 100 Butterfly as well, with a time of 1:07.57. Thomas contributed a third-place win in the 500 Freestyle alongside O’Neill and Jaskowski who took first and second in this event. Canton’s O’Neill secured first with her 6:06.49 in the 500, with Jaskowski finishing just behind her through her 6:17.99. 

O’Neill also snagged first in the 100 Breaststroke through her 1:24.67.  Emily Ames close behind took third in this event as well as in the 50 Freestyle which was won by another Canton swimmer. Jaskowski swam the 50 Freestyle on Thursday and took first place with a time of 28.59. Domena took home first in the 100 Butterfly with a time of 1:06.16, Wentworth just one second later, finished behind her. Logan secured a first-place win in the 100 Freestyle finishing with a 1:08.19. Mitchell took second in this event through her 1:08.19. 

Freshman Carmen Mussen also took home a first-place win on Thursday in the 200 IM with a time of 2:48.79. Sarah Rodee finished third in this event as well. Although the Bears didn’t manage to take first in the 100 Backstroke, another freshman, Emma Berg secured second with a time of 1:19.41. Hailey Jordan took third in this event just behind Berg. 

After the meet against St. Lawrence Central, and the pressure they felt to win that meet for their 100th win, the meet on Thursday was a nice breather from the intensity of the previous meet. However, just because the stakes were not as high, the Bears continued to work hard and have now begun to prepare for their next big challenge of Sectionals. Canton will face Edwards-Knox, away, at 6 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 18 for their next meet.

Canton vs. Potsdam:

200 Medley Relay:   Domena, O’Neill, Jaskowski, Sanderson, 2:10.93 (1st); Berg, Stuntz, Mussen, Crabtree, 2:22.54 (2nd); Jordan, Bailey, Larrabee, Reed, 2:32.84 (4th)

200 Freestyle: E. Wentworth, 2:18.82 (1st); M. Thomas, 2:28.41 (2nd); O. Logan, 2:30.87 (3rd)

200 IM: M. Carmen, 2:48.79 (1st); S. Rodee, 3:00.77 (3rd); E. Berg, 3:03.41 (4th)

50 Freestyle: B. Jaskowski, 28.59 (1st); E. Ames, 30.92 (3rd); D. Crabtree, 31.01 (4th); J. Reed, 32.66 (exhibition);  M. Robinson, 34.39 (exhibition); C. Jewtraw, 38.81 (exhibition) 

100 Butterfly:  J. Domena, 1:06. 16 (1st); E. Wentworth, 1:07.57 (2nd); S. Sanderson, 1:24.44 (4th)

100 Freestyle: O. Logan, 1:07.58 (1st); M. Mitchell, 1:08.19 (2nd); D. Crabtree, 1:09.53 (4th); C. Mussen, 1:07.86 (exhibition); A. Stuntz, 1:10.26 (exhibition); K. Larrabee, 1:18.81 (exhibition)

500 Freestyle: G. O’Neill, 6:06.49 (1st); B. Jaskowski, 6:17.99 (2nd); M. Thomas, 6:33.62 (3rd)

200 Freestyle Relay: Crabtree, Thomas, Logan, Wentworth, 1:59.88 (1st); Ames, Bailey, Mitchell, Mussen, 2:06.21 (3rd); Larrabee, Robinson, Jewtraw, Reed, 2:23.42 (5th)

100 Backstroke: E. Berg, 1:19.41 (2nd); H. Jordan, 1:20.74 (3rd), S. Rodee, 1:20.97 (4th); J. Domena, 1:08.88 (exhibition); A. Stuntz, 1:19.43 (exhibition); S. Sanderson, 1:20.20 (exhibition)

100 Breaststroke: G. O’Neill, 1:24.67 (1st); E. Ames, 1:28.04 (3rd); S. Bailey, 1:32.98 (5th)

400 Freestyle Relay: Wentworth, Jaskowski, O’Neill, Domena, 4:13.00 (1st); Sanderson, Logan, Stuntz, Thomas, 4:43.97 (3rd); Jordan, Robinson, Jewtraw, Rodee, 5:17.53 (4th)

Final Score: Canton: 127, Potsdam: 43

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