The Lady Bears beat Massena on Wednesday night, 3-1 and won again 2-0 vs Malone on Friday night.

Canton put in the first three goals against Massena. Jenni Haycook had the first goal. Freshman Etta Coburn added to her points this season by putting the second goal in. After, there was a handball in the box, and Haycook finished the scoring for Canton. She was able to put the PK into the back of the net. However, Canton let up because of the score, and it cost them.

Massena got by and scored tightening it to 3-1. This was an important learning moment for the Bears: no matter the score, you must battle all 80 minutes. They improved and didn’t allow it to happen against Malone. The win vs Massena, allowed them to move up in the ranks and made their league record 4-2-3.

The team is like a puzzle. At the beginning of the season, Coach Kiah was presented with the challenge to put the pieces together and make the final picture. Just like a puzzle, every time you work on it, the pieces come together more. The team has quick learners which allows them to tweak and better their game all the time. The Lady Bears improve not only every game, but every day. This team has an outstanding amount of individual talent, but if it’s not put together correctly the final goal will not be reached. The Lady Bears have began to “click together” very well this past week, leading to an optimal performance.

The Bears ability to adjust was shown against Malone. Canton has been able to dominate games and still not win. This is shown by the ties against Potsdam and Ogdensberg this week and last.

Canton’s girls realized the importance of finishing in order to win. They did this against Malone, by putting two goals in within the first 10 minutes of the game. They were not willing to dominate and not come out on top again. Coburn had Canton’s first goal. Katie Chisholm set up the play that allowed Coburn to score. The second goal was scored by Haille Duvall of a direct kick.

Throughout the rest of the game, the Bears had stealer defense and solid play in the middle. Ultimately, the ability of the defenders to keep it out of their end allowed Canton to win.

The soccer team would like to congratulate the varsity swim team for 100 straight wins. This is an amazing accomplishment and we are very proud of them!!

Canton will match up with Gouverneur on Tuesday night for a top match of the season. Earlier this season, the Cats and Bears tied 0-0 after double OT. The Bears will have the home field advantage and the game will begin at 4:30. Looking forward to a big crowd!

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