Canton Shuts Down Salmon River at Home

Canton took on Salmon River for their second home meet of the season on Friday and swept them off their feet with a 129-29 victory. This meet was an easy win for the Bears’ swim team and put them at 98 wins in a row. Because Salmon River had a small team, some of the races had only Canton swimmers in them. Although they were not racing against other swimmers from another school,  they saw this as an opportunity to improve their time and engage in some friendly competition with their teammates. 

The Bears, once again, swept Salmon in the relays of the meet. They came in first in the 200 Medley Relay with a time of 2:11.06 and also in second with a 2:26.94. During the 200 Freestyle Relay, Canton took first at a 1:55.45 and their 4:37.21 during the 400 Freestyle Relay landed them in first as well. Canton contributed a second-place finish in this final relay as well through a time of 4:50.75.

The talent of the rookies’ on the team was especially shining at this meet. Seventh-grader Skylar Sanderson competed in the 200 Yard Medley Relay, 200 IM, 100 Butterfly, and the 400 Freestyle Relay. Only 12-years-old, Sanderson captured first and second in her individual races. Her 2:47.09 left her in second place during the 200 IM, and her 1:24.12 placed her in first for the 100 Butterfly. Maya Thomas also swam excellently at the meet on Friday. This eighth-grader participated in the 200 Medley relay beside Sanderson, as well as the 50 Freestyle, 500 Freestyle, and the 400 Freestyle Relay. She is only 13 years old but was able to secure a first and second-place finish in her individual races. Thomas took first in the 50 Freestyle with her time of 30.36 and later took second in the 500 Freestyle with a time of 6:47.83. 

Another new face on the team, Lexi Stuntz, only 12 years old, was successful during the 100 Breaststroke, 100 Backstroke, and 200 Medley Relay. Her speedy times during her individual events landed her in first for both of them. Her 1:29.16 during the 100 Breaststroke and 1:19.63 during the 100 Backstroke were both victory times for Stuntz. Fourteen-year-old, ninth-grader, Kayla Larrabee also left the meet with a solid finish during the 100 Butterfly with her time of 1:36.41. She also participated in the 200 Medley Relay, 100 Backstroke, and 400 Freestyle Relay. 

Canton took over the 200 Freestyle by occupying first through third thanks to Grace O’Neill, Brooke Larrabee, Dharma Crabtree and their fantastic times. Larrabee also performed strongly during the 100 Freestyle where she took first alongside Olivia Logan and Madison Mitchell who secured second and third for the team. Hailey Jordan contributed a second place finish during the 100 Backstroke. Emily also took second during the 100 Breaststroke. Only Canton swimmers were in the pool during the 200 IM and the 500 Freestyle, regardless the Bears still swam hard during these events. Bella Jaskowski took first during the 200 IM, with Sanderson coming up behind her, and Sarah Rodee finishing in third. O’Neill took first in the 500 Freestyle with Thomas and Crabtree stealing third and fourth. 

Canton’s face-off against Salmon River was an easy win for the Bears but their next meet up will be the hardest yet. On Tuesday Canton will take on Malone away at 6 p.m. Currently at 98 meets won, they are closer than ever to reaching their biggest milestone. Let’s hope they can pull off a win on Tuesday to continue to reach their goal of 100. 

Canton vs. Salmon River:

200 Medley Relay:  Bella Jaskowski, Sarah Bailey, Carmen Mussen, Emily Wentworth, 2:11.06 (1st); Lexi Stuntz, Emily Ames, Skylar Sanderson, Maya Thomas, 2:26.94 (2nd); Hailey Jordan, Chloe Jewtraw, Kayla Larrabee, Joeann Reed 2:41.46 (4th)

200 Freestyle:  G. O’Neill, 2:14.59 (1st);  B. Larrabee, 2:22.20 (2nd); D. Crabtree, 2:33.05 (3rd) 

200 IM:  B. Jaskowski, 2:36.71 (1st);  S. Sanderson, 2:47.09 (2nd); S. Rodee, 3:04.57 (3rd)

50 Freestyle: M. Thomas, 30.36 (1st); M. Mitchell, 31.11 (3rd); E. Ames, 31.28 (4th); S. Bailey, 32.39 (exhibition); J. Reed, 32.66 (exhibition)

100 Butterfly:  S. Sanderson, 1:24.12 (1st); K. Larrabee, 1:36.41 (2nd)

100 Freestyle:  B. Larrabee, 1:04.44, (1st); O. Logan, 1:09.91 (2nd); M. Mitchell, 1:18.34 (3rd); J. Reed, 1:12.41 (exhibition); M. Robinson, 1:20.05 (exhibition); C. Jewtraw, 1:26.88 (exhibition)

500 Freestyle: G. O’Neill, 6:15.41 (1st); M. Thomas, 6:47.83 (2nd); D. Crabtree, 7:03.43 (3rd)

200 Freestyle Relay: Wentworth, Logan, Jaskowski, O’Neill, 1:55.45 (1st); Reed, Ames, Mitchell, Robinson, 2:12.38 (3rd)

100 Backstroke: A. Stuntz, 1:19.63 (1st); H. Jordan, 1:22.86 (2nd)

100 Breaststroke: A. Stuntz, 1:29.16 (1st); E. Ames, 1:29.24 (2nd); S, Bailey, 1:34.86 (4th); O. Logan, 1:35.67 (exhibition); S. Rodee, 1:41.40 (exhibition); C. Jewtraw, 1:44.42 (exhibiton)

400 Freestyle Relay: O’Neill, Jaskowski, Bailey, Thomas, 4:37.21 (1st); Sanderson, Mitchell, Logan, Crabtree, 4:50.75 (2nd); Mussen, Rodee, Robinson, Larrabee, 5:04.73 (exhibition)

Final Score: Canton: 129, Salmon River: 29

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