Canton Beats Massena In The Pool With A 63-31 Victory

On Tuesday, the Canton varsity swim team faced Massena on the road and came home with yet another win added to their winning streak.

The 63-31 victory put the Bears at 95 wins in a row. The Bears stole first place from the Raiders in all but one event Tuesday. 

Bella Jaskowski, Emily Wentworth, Julia Domena, and Grace O’Neill had especially strong performances Tuesday night. Jaskowski, Domena, Wentworth, and Brooke Larrabee’s powerhouse relay team took first in the 200 Medley Relay, finishing with a time of 2:07.66.

Canton also took first in the 200 Freestyle Relay through O’Neill, Mia Mousaw, Maya Thomas, and Wentworth’s hard work. Jaskowski, O’Neill, Wentworth, and Domena led the team in individual races as well. Jaskowski took first in the 200 IM along with the 100 Backstroke, O’Neill took first in the 200 Freestyle and also snagged second in the 100 Freestyle.

Wentworth participated in four events, winning first place in each. Besides the two relays she was a part of, Wentworth also dominated the 50 Freestyle and the 100 Freestyle.

Domena also took first in two individual events; her speed in the pool during the 100 Butterfly and the 100 Breaststroke landed her with two victories. Maya Thomas contributed two third-place finishes and Olivia Logan brought two second-place finishes to the team. 

As the Canton team continues to show a strong performance at their meets this season, they have maintained their winning streak and have proceeded to further raise it. Both rookie and veteran swimmers have been pushing themselves during practice, which is noticeable when they are competing.

This Friday the Canton Bears will rematch against OFA at their first home meet of the season and will continue to improve as well as work to hold onto their winning streak. 

Come support the Bears at 6 p.m. on Friday during their meet against OFA. 

Canton vs. Massena:

200 Medley Relay:  Jaskowski, Domena, Wentworth, Larabee, 2:07.66 (1st); Stuntz, Ames, Thomas, Mousaw, 2:21.54 (3rd)
200 Freestyle:  G. O’Neill, 2:20.19 (1st);  O. Logan, 2:31.77 (2nd)
200 IM:  B. Jaskowski, 2:37.12 (1st);  M. Mousaw, 2:43.74 (3rd)
50 Freestyle:  E. Wentworth, 25.71 (1st);  M. Thomas, 30.88 (4th)
50 Freestyle Exhibition:  K. Larrabee, 36.92 (2nd); S. Bailey, 32.83 (4th)
100 Butterfly:  J. Domena, 1:05.80 (1st); M. Thomas, 1:28.45 (3rd)
100 Freestyle:  E. Wentworth, 58.79 (1st); G. O’Neill, 1:03.88 (2nd)
100 Freestyle Exhibition:  C. Mussen, 1:09.73 (2nd); M. Mitchell, 1:11.19(4th)
500 Freestyle: S. Sanderson, 6:33.49 (1st); O. Logan, 6:51.36 (2nd)
200 Freestyle Relay: O’Neill, Mousaw, M. Thomas, Wentworth, 1:55.99 (1st);  Mussen, Larabee, Crabtree, Ames, 2:06.38 (3rd)
100 Backstroke: . B. Jaskowski, 1:09.59 (1st);  A. Stuntz, 1:17.49 (3rd)
100 Backstroke Exhibition:  H. Jordan, 1:25.83 (2nd); S. Rodee, 1:19.60 (4th)
100 Breaststroke:  J. Domena, 1:17.07 (1st); E. Ames, 1:27.59 (3rd)
400 Freestyle Relay:   Sanderson, Logan, Crabtree, Larrabee, 4:36.39 (2nd); C. Jewtraw, J. Reed, G. Thomas, M. Mitchell, 5:10.87 (4th)
Final Score: Canton: 63, Massena: 31

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