The girls JV soccer team enjoyed two wins to cap off the 2022 campaign. (Photo provided)

JV Girls Soccer dominated play in their final week of the season. In the first of two matchups, the Bears downed Salmon River in a close 2-1 victory. The duo of Sara Aldous and Kailin Backus each notched a goal and an assist to pace the Bears scoring. Sara Aldous had the first goal with a nice left foot shot after dribbling past the goalie who failed in an effort to beat Aldous to the ball. Kailin Backus had the assist with a solid pass to Sara after pushing through the Salmon River defense on a fast but controlled dribble. The second goal involved the same players, a Kailin Backus goal as a result of a Sara Aldous pass. Callie Tebo had an impressive 6 saves to hold Salmon River to only one goal.

The second game of the week was a dominating 8-1 victory over Norwood-Norfolk. The Bears blew the game open in the second half following a tight 2-1 game at halftime. The Bears came out hot in the second half. Molly Pratti scored her first goal of the season from a nice pass by Aldous before she went on a scoring spree. Aldous scored three straight, the first came from a pass by Olivia Francey and the next two were unassisted. The eighth and final goal was scored by defender Eliza Creurer who was pulled up into to play center half and scored just a few seconds into that substitution with a nice left footed shot.

“I’ve been coaching some of these girls for 4 years; Salma Moumen, Olivia Sommerstein, Sara Aldous, and Elaina Robert (honorable mention to Mae O’Shea who unfortunately missed a season due to injuries),” Coach Kim French said when talking about her departing sophomore players. “From the time they started playing modified in seventh grade to JV sophomore leaders, I’ve watched them grow as athletes and all around great, positive people. I’m proud of their skill and aggression as players but even more their character, sportsmanship, and integrity. I’m going to miss them a lot, but I look forward to watching their continued success on and off the field.”

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