In the first half, Daniel O’Neill connects to Daniel Richardson for the first Golden Bear touchdown of the game. Next, O’Neill launched the ball deep to Ryan Faunce, who made a beautiful over the shoulder catch and another Golden Bear touchdown. With three plays remaining in the first half, O’Neill rolls out to his left and slings the ball 30 yards to a wide-open Owen Clifford in the endzone, touchdown Bears!

O’Neill’s arm was on fire as he found holes in the Larries’ secondary. Many different Bears contributed to the dominant offense for the bears. Parker Hurlburt, Ben Kenna, Trenton Smith, Kolby Todd, and Ian Thrasher caught the rock and picked up huge gains for the Golden Bears. O’Neill and Clifford seemed to have a connection as Clifford reeled in every ball that was thrown to him. 

On Defense, Trenton Smith, Kenna, Richardson, and Thrasher led the Bears in tackles. Smith snagged an interception at the end of the second quarter. Logan Stiles, Skyler Garrisi, Ethan Foster, and O’Neill made key stops on defense. The dominant front line for the Bears consist of Ayden Ashlaw, Landon Bice, Noah Friot, TJ O’Brien, Murphy Burke, Blake Woods, and Ryan Mitchell. The Strong Golden Bears defense would hold the St. Lawrence Larries to only two touchdowns the entire game.   

At the end of the game, O’Neill went 18/23, threw for 265 yards and racked up five touchdowns for the bears. Richardson who was on the receiving end of three of those touchdowns, finished the day with 150 yards on the ground. Clifford and Faunce collected their first touchdowns of the season. 

The Bears wrap up their season with a win Monday night under the lights in Brasher Falls. 

“Games are won and lost in the trenches. Today the Young men up front did an amazing job allowing Dan enough time to see the field and find open guys,” said Coach Dobbs. “Every single person showed up and did their job. These young men have made this season fun for us coaches and I already can’t wait for next year. Huge shoutout to the parents and fans that sat through the monsoon at the end of the game, your love and support has been awesome.” 

“This game was our zenith. Everybody knew their job down to a T and executed it perfectly. They had clear minds and just reacted out there,” added Coach Grant. “When the boys play like that, they make my job look easier.” 

This post comes courtesy of Kyle Fingar. Photos come courtesy of Tammy Carlin.

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