In Canton, Bears 5, Huskies 0

On Thursday the Canton Golden Bears boys JV team hosted the Malone Huskies on Wayne Willette Soccer Field. Although the Bears got a slow start they ended up outscoring the Huskies 5-0. The Bears kept control of the ball, keeping it on the ground making short passes to each other throughout the game. “We did a much better job controling the ball and valuing our posetions today” stated Head Coach Mike Wentworth. The Bears had plenty of scoring chances. However, it was the Sophomore Ryan Jones who got the first goal for the Bears breaking the ice. He would end up getting one more goal along with Freshman Jude Parker who also scored twice and Sophomore Ethan Francy who got the last goal for the Bears. 

The first half got off to a slow start for both teams, especially the Bears. But things started to pick up after that. The Huskies had a few big chances to score in the first half. But as soon as the Bears started to figure it out they kept getting it to the middle of the field for a shot on net. In the second half, this was even more true and the Bears kept getting shot after shot. Jackson Ames ended up with three saves in the game. “Our defense was again stteller today. I can’t give those guys enough praise. They just take it personal if the other teams get shots on net. The younger guys got a lot of quality time today and they are improving every day. Freshman Lucas Howie and Aiden Rodriguiez looked great today and are really making an impact on the field latley.”

The Bears play at OFA Tuesday at 4:30.

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