Canton Central School Fall, Winter and Spring Sports sign-ups are currently underway. For those who may not be familiar with the process it is very easy and can be done at home or even through your phone. Accessing the link for the Golden Bears sign-up page can be found directly below or at the Canton Athletic Department webpage in the dropdown column on the left under the “Sports Sign-ups” tab.

Once an account is created, the parent or guardian of the athlete simply answers the health-related questions, emergency contact information, code of conduct policies and follows the prompts to complete the process. Students entering grades 7-12 are eligible for athletics. Sport offerings for the 2021-2022 school year are below. PLEASE do not attempt to sign up younger students here. Please refer to the Canton Pee Wee Association website for those below grade 7.

Fall Sports For Middle School Students (Grades 7-8) Include:

  • Boys and Girls Modified Cross Country
  • Boys and Girls Modified Soccer
  • Girls Modified Swimming
  • Boys Modified Football
  • Girls Modified Volleyball

Fall Sports For High School Students (Grades 9-12) Include:

  • Boys and Girls Varsity Cross Country
  • Boys and Girls JV and Varsity Soccer
  • Girls Varsity Swimming
  • Boys JV and Varsity Football
  • Girls JV and Varsity Volleyball

It is important to note that ALL THREE SEASONS can be signed up for at one time. The Winter and Spring Sport offerings are listed in the registration site. This makes registering your student-athlete a one time per year process. Returning registered users will need to update your student’s Interval Health History form which is part of the online process. A hard copy is no longer needed to be returned to the nurse as long as your child’s information is entered into the registration site. With the new Covid-19 questions, this part of the process is now required.

MERGER ATHLETES be sure to register through the Merger Athlete portal. Merger Athletes are those students who are able to participate on our athletic teams despite attending a neighboring school. The list of approved sports mergers is located within the registration site.

For any questions please contact Bill Porter at .


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