The girls won Friday night at Lisbon 11- 9. Tessa Alguire had 10 strike outs and Marilisa Salvi- Miguel made her pitching debut adding five more strike outs. Offensively the bears were patient in the batters box. Olivia Sommerstein, Tessa Alguire, Jenna Larrabee, Marilisa Salvi-Miguel, and Autumn Northrup all had timely hits.

Saturday the Bears defeated Malone 11-10 at home. Tessa Alguire pitched four innings and had 12 strike outs. Salma Moumen added one strike out. Marilisa Salvi- Miguel also added two strike outs. Offensively Alguire added a three-run home run over the center field fence and a single. Jenna Larrabee added three singles.

The Bears will be back in action at home against Hermon-Dekalb Monday at 4:30 p.m.

This post comes courtesy of modified softball Coach Tori Thomas

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