On Wednesday, Canton completed their regular season beating Salmon River, 5-0. This makes their league record 9-2-3 for a total of 21 points. Although the Bears have played majority of their games this season, there’s still a lot more to come.

Within the last three games, Canton has out shot their opponents 16-0. Although Canton has dominantly won the last few games, they have not shown other teams there “A-game.” The Bears are aware that the way they have been playing won’t cut it for the section title. Over the next 12 days the Bears will be preparing and progressing for the battle they will face.

The game against Salmon River was an opportunity to see where the Bears are continuously improving and what they still have to work on. During the first half, a goal was scored by senior Katie Chisholm, assisted by Hannah Reed. The contest saw more from the two, when Chisholm served the ball to Reed, who was able to find the back of the net. Although Canton put two in, the Bears first half performance was on the slower side. 

The Bears went into the second half determined to work harder, and not let up on defense. Ultimately, Abby Dent made one save and the Shamrocks’ goalie made 12. This allowed the Bears to add another shutout to their record. The first goal of the second half was scored by Jenni Haycook, unassisted. The next goal caused everyone to do a double take. Haille Duvall received the ball about five yards behind the midline, then booted it up the field, and watched it head into the net. The last goal was scored by Quinn Woodward and assisted by Emalyn Martin. 

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