Girls Varsity Basketball Drops Opener to Gouverneur, Beats OFA in Dominant Fashion

Canton’s girls varsity Basketball had their home opener Dec. 6 and lost in a close contest against the Wildcats. Both teams showed phenomenal defensive performances. Canton’s Ava Hoy made it hard for Gouverneur to score anything in the paint and it led to them taking many outside shots. Hoy had multiple blocks and led the team with 12 points. Unfortunately, it was not enough and despite multiple scoring chances with less than 10 second left in the game the Bears fell just two points short of the Wildcats losing 31-29.

Canton then went on to face OFA. Going into the game Coach DiSalvo knew OFA had skilled guards and to counter that they played a defense which its main goal is to trap guards in a corner and force a turnover. This worked well throughout the game and Canton’s guards did a nice job causing turnovers. The Bears played well on both sides of the ball. Ava Hoy had an outstanding 27 points which led the Bears in points. In another impressive performance, Canton Sophomore Calie Klassen registered 18 points. The Bears won 53-35 over OFA and are now 1-1.

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