JV Girls Soccer Wins with Limited Numbers

Canton 2, Gouverneur 0

The Bears faced off against Gouverneur who they lost to last time they played. The teams looked very evenly matched in the first half, but Canton dominated in the second. They ended up winning 2-0 resulting from Sara Aldous and Olivia Sommerstein goals.

Canton’s shutout was a dominant defensive performance from Goalie Calie Tebow who had nine saves and the defense who shut down the Wildcats offside traps and runs down the sidelines. Jenna Larabee and Eliza Creurer led the defensive efforts and kept Gouverneur scoreless in their revenge win.

Canton 2, Madrid-Waddington 1

Canton then took the challenge of playing Madrid Waddington with only 10 players. Many players were out due to sickness and injuries, but the Bears persevered and ended up winning 2-1.

Another strong defensive performance from the Bears as well as an impressive game from Madrid Waddington’s goalie kept the score low. The Bears scored off of a long-distance kick over the goalie’s head by Salma Moumen and a game winning Kailin Backus goal.

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