Swimmers remain undefeated, eye tough SLC squad on Friday


Swimmers prepare for a relay Photo credit: Beth Larrabee

Swimmers remain undefeated, eye tough SLC squad on Friday 

The Lady Bears were once again victorious in the pool as they advanced to 8-0 this season with a defeat of the Wildcats of Gouverneur on Monday night.  With this victory, the Canton Lady Bears Swim Team extended their win streak to an impressive 117-0.  Coming off a challenging two weeks of training, the Lady Bears rose to the occasion placing first in nine of the eleven events against the Wildcats.  Multiple event winner Maya Thomas was victorious in the 50 free and 100 fly.  7th grader Kaitlyn Redfern put down some season best times in the 100 free and 100 breaststroke.  

When asked about the meet, Coach Stuntz said “The ability to race hard, each race, is an important piece of being a well-rounded, successful swimmer.  The team is showing that drive as they push towards a tough meet this Friday and then onto Sectionals”.   

Maya Thomas swims freestyle photo credit: Beth Larrabee 

Up next are the Larries of St. Lawrence Central.  This meet will be a showdown between the strong 8-1 Larries and the undefeated 8-0 Bears.  Meet starts at 5:30 PM on 10/29 at Canton Central, home of the Lady Bears!

Results Summary:

Gouverneur 49, Canton 116

200 Medley Relay – 1. Canton (Stuntz, Redfern, Thomas, Alguire) 2:11.98; 2.

Canton; 3. Canton; 200 Freestyle – 1. Hailey Morrissiey (GOU) 2:14.50; 2.

Alexis Stuntz (CAN); 3. Olivia Logan (CAN); 200 Individual Medley – 1.

Skyler Sanderson (CAN) 2:41.81; 2. Emalyn Kulp (GOU); 3. Kortney Knight

(GOU); 50 Freestyle – 1. Maya Thomas (CAN) 28.98; 2. Tessa Alguire (CAN);

3. Sylvia French (GOU); 100 Butterfly – 1. Maya Thomas

(CAN) 1:12.48; 2. Kayla Larrabee (CAN); 3. Ellie McDonough (CAN); 100

Freestyle – 1. Hailey Morrissiey (GOU) 1:01.20; 2. Kaitlyn Redfern (CAN);

3. Olivia Logan (CAN); 500 Freestyle – 1. Skyler Sanderson (CAN) 6:16.27;

2. Ella Impaglia (GOU); 3. Marilisa Salvi-Miguel (CAN); 200 Freestyle Relay

– 1. Canton (Thomas, Stuntz, Alguire, Redfern) 1:58.04; 2. Gouverneur; 3.

Canton; 100 Backstroke – 1. Baylee Wilson (CAN) 1:18.87; 2. Emma Berg

(CAN); 3. Kortney Knight (GOU); 100 Breaststroke – 1. Kaitlyn Redfern (CAN)

1:18.72; 2. Ella Impaglia (GOU); 3. Alexis Stuntz (CAN); 400 Freestyle

Relay – 1. Canton (Salvi-Miguel, Wilson, Mitchell, Logan) 4:43.39; 2.

Gouverneur; 3. Canton

Records – Gouverneur 1-7 , Canton 8-0

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