The Canton modified girls ended the season with two home game wins against Potsdam and Norwood-Norfolk. Both games ended with a 5-0 score.

Back row: Coach Renwick, Natasha Rossiter, Kaitlyn Holbrook, Oliva White, Ashlyn Beeles, Adrianna Lesperance, Shaylee Olmstead, Oliva Francey, and Jenna Larrabee. Front row: Kristen Holbrook, Sydney Oshier, Mia Wilson, Reagan Kiah, Madison Ayrassian, Olivia Boursette. Laying down: Callie Tebo. Not pictured: Aaliyah Lepage.

Against Potsdam goals were scored by Ashlyn Beeles, Olivia Francey, Olivia White, and Mia Wilson. For our game against Norwood-Norfolk, I also have goal descriptions because I remembered to write them down for this game! Madison Ayrassian scored from within the six yard box and Olivia White scored on a break away during the first quarter. Then Olivia Francey scored off a deflected ball during a corner kick right at the end of the first half. During the second half Adrianna Lesperance scored inside the six yard box and Madison Ayrassian scored her second goal of the game to finish the game 5-0 in favor of the Golden Bears. 

The Canton Modified Girls had a great season! Ending with an overall record of 7-4-2. This was a great group of girls and I want to thank them for working hard to the end. To the 8th graders – good luck next year! And to the 7th graders – can’t wait till next season! GO BEARS!!

This post comes courtesy of Coach Deana Renwick.

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