The Lady Bears Face Their 2nd Tie Of The Week Versus The OFA Blue Devils.

The Lady Bears entered the game hyped up and excited. It was their pink game for Breast Cancer Awareness so the girls had pink jerseys and were all decked out in pink. The Bears knew that the game wasn’t going to be easy and battled for all 100 minutes. 

In the first half the Bears came out very strong and had high energy. This game they were hoping to show their A game and they sure didn’t disappoint. The Bears controlled the ball for the majority of the first half and ran through every 50/50 ball that presented itself. The Devils gave up many corner kicks and the Bears were able to get a few good shots on net. The OFA goalie had many great saves to help keep them in the game. Stopper Amelia Rodee was able to dribble the ball up the field and generate multiple scoring opportunities. Two of the center midfielders were out for this game so forward Emily Estabrooks and halfback Camryn Sipher had to step up to help fill the spot alongside Quinn Woodward and Haley Stevenson. About half way through the first half Gab Schuckers had a great corner kick, the ball ended up in Quinn Woodward possession and she had a shot on net. The ball hit the post and Anna Woodruff was able to slide the ball past the OFA goalie putting the bears up 1-0. The Bears did not let up for the remainder of the first half and played some of their best soccer yet this season. 

After half time the Bears did not let up. They came out with the same energy as they did in the first half and played with the same energy. The wall passing that was happening between the whole team was perfect. The Bears were on the same page this game connected really well with all their passing. The Bears also did a better job at listening to one another which helped keep the ball in Canton’s possession for most of the game. Due to a miscommunication the Devils were able to score off a throw in tying the game 1-1. The Bears didn’t let that goal bring them down and battled for every shot they got. Neither team was able to score again and the game went into overtime. The Bears generated 41 shots and the OFA goaltender was forced to make 29 saves

In both 10 minute over time the Bears controlled the ball for 18 of the 20 minutes. The Bears took every shot they were presented and came close a few times but were unable to sneak one in. The Bears ran the legs off of the Devils and made the most out of each shift they were given. 

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