In Ogdensburg on Tuesday evening: Canton 6,  OFA 0

The Canton Golden Bears JV boys soccer team played at Ogdensburg under the lights on Tuesday winning by a score of 6-0. The Bears looked very offensive and controlled the ball for most of the game keeping the Devils defenders very busy. The Bears generated offense right off the bat and within a couple of minutes had their first goal scored by Garrit Palmer and assisted by Ethan Francey (Dennis). The other goals were scored by Jacob Rosales(Rosie), Jude Parker, Aiden Rodriguez-Doyle (ARod), Jackson Ames (Action), and Ryan Jones (RJ).

After the first half, the Bears led 4-0. Throughout the second half, the Bears kept the pressure on the Devil’s defense. However, the Devils also had a few good chances to get it down the field as well. The Bear’s goaltender Jackson Ames made 5 saves on the night before being replaced by Garrit Palmer who made 2 saves on the night. “Scoring two goals in the first 3 minutes of the game definitely took the pressure off. That was probably the best we have played on the offensive side of the ball all year. We passed the ball very well tonight,” stated head Coach Mike Wentworth.

The Bears play the Devils again on Friday at Canton High School. The game starts at 4:00.

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