On Tuesday the Canton Golden Bears JV Boys soccer team competed against the Massena Red Raiders, winning by a score of 3-0. From the first few minutes, the Raiders put up a good fight for the Bears and seemed to move the ball much better than the last time these two faced off. However, the Bears kept working hard and getting the ball into the eighteen-yard line in the Raiders zone, and eventually, it paid off when a small pass from sophomore Ethan Francey below the six-yard line that sophomore Jonney Mclear was able to tap in for the Bears first goal. The Bears scored both of their other goals in the 2nd half. One went off a Massena defender and into the net while the other was another beautiful pass from freshman Shoham Zucker to freshman Jude Parker that was able to shoot far side on the net for a goal.

The JV Boys congratulating each other following their win at Massena on Tuesday.

The Bears did a good job getting it low and making crosses to the middle but the Massena goalie kept coming out of the net and stopping a shot from getting off. Jackson Ames had 8 saves on the night.

The Bears play Monday in Watertown. Game Time 4:30

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