Canton 7  Potsdam 2

On Tuesday the Canton Golden Bears boys Junior Varsity team played the Potsdam Sandstoners winning by a score of 7-2.

The Bears kept the ball on the ground and did a good job of moving it around the field. They kept good control of the ball and it wasn’t long before they got their first goal on the Sandstoners off a corner kick from Ethan Francey from Jonney Mclear headed into the net. The Sandstoners defense was active today as the Bears kept getting shot after shot on net. The other goals included sophomores Garret Palmer and Ethan Francey along with freshmen Lucas Howie, Aiden Rodriguez-Doyle (A-Rod) with two, and Jackson Ames with two as well. Jackson Ames made three saves before coming out of net in the 2nd half and being replaced with freshmen Alex Thompson who ended up making four saves.

Potsdam scored both of their goals in the 2nd half, one of which was a penalty kick. “As a team we played a very nice game today. We have a crazy schedule, only playing two games in three weeks so the kids were very happy to see a different jersey on the other side of the field. The short passing/ball control game fits this group very well and today they did great job with it. It was also fun to see kids get the opportunity to play different positions in the second half. When your starting goalie scores two goals, you know its a good day.” stated head coach Mike Wentworth.

The Bears play next Tuesday in Massena at 4:30.

Photos come courtesy of Shelly Pike

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