Don’t Miss Your Shot!

The NFHS believes that student participation in education-based athletics and performing arts promotes healthy lifestyles and safe competition.

Last year, because of the spread of COVID-19, safe competition and student health could not be guaranteed, and thus more than one million high school athletic and performing arts contests were canceled.

The NFHS’s ultimate goal is to ensure that all students have an opportunity to enjoy healthy participation in high school sports and performing arts. And this year—because of the development and access to COVID-19 vaccines—the NFHS believes that safe competition and healthy participation are achievable if we all do our part.

Vaccinated participants protect themselves and their fellow athletes/performers from COVID-19 while radically reducing the risk of not participating.

Let’s promote participation in healthy lifestyles. Let’s encourage safe competition. Let’s get the facts on vaccination.

Against COVID-19, we’re all on the same team.

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