Girls JV Basketball is Underway!

 The Canton girls Basketball program has a rich tradition of excellence dating back to the days of Head Coach Denny “The Bear” Jones and continuing to the modern era of Head coach Jim DiSalvo.  This season may be getting started a few months late and be a very short season but the tradition continues.  The building block for all of the banners that you see on the gym walls is a strong JV program. 

Picture: Sophomores: Etta Coburn, Lindsey Filiatrault, Hadley Alguire, Kayla Larrabee, Olivia Sero, Wyatt Newman, Courtney Peters

This year has the potential to start a new look for the Bears Basketball era.  Gone is the Skyscraper Era of Gretchen Warner, Emily Wentworth and the Hoy sisters and enter the Speedster  Era.  The 2021 juniors Bears are going to be small, quick and scrappy, just the way that head Coach Mike Wentworth likes to play.  “We are small but we are very athletic and smart.  The girls have great attitudes and are very enthusiastic and getting better every day. We are very thankful to have sports back. They have brought some life back to the school.  It has been a tough emotional stretch for kids and this is a good start.”

   Team members include Sophomores: Hadley Alguire, Lindsey Filiatrault, Courtney Peters, Kayla Larrabee , Wyatt Newman, Olivia Sero and Etta Coburn.  Freshman: Laurel Whittier. Eighth Graders: Vivian Coburn, Winnie Downs and Calie Klassen.

   The Bears first game is scheduled in the brand new Hermon- DeKalb gymnasium on Tuesday night.  Game time 5:30.

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