Another solid win by the talented modified girls soccer team as they visited Norwood-Norfolk Wednesday afternoon showed a well rounded squad that just keeps getting stronger!  Although the game ended with an 11-0 finish, the zest was lacking at the start. Both teams seemed to forget the outside edges of the field and spent some time clumping in front of the Flyers goal with little success in finishing or clearing.  As a result, the second quarter began with a strategy to attack minimally from the middle, use the space, and split the defense.  It worked… and they took off relentlessly for the remainder of the match… Eliza Creurer had her first goal of the season from the midfield position to start the action!

Creurer comes to the team as a swimmer looking for activity during the limited fall sports season and has shined on the field despite a slow start due to injury.  Coach French commented, “an athlete in every way, Eliza will be valuable in whatever sport she chooses”.  Following a mild first quarter, Creurer gave the team the boost they needed and the energy followed in full force as she assisted a second goal scored by power kicker, Gracen Parker.  Another intense shooter, Kailin Backus found the back of the net unassisted from well outside the eighteen. And shortly following, Salma Moumen made a perfect parabola shot over the Norwood keeper’s head on a bullet cross from Parker.  The first half of the game ended 4-0.

The Canton girls kept their motors running for the second half with a hat trick by forward Sara Aldous, one assisted by Parker, another by Viv Coburn, and a third on a cross following an impressive “give and go” session up the field by Moumen and midfielder Olivia FranceyFrancey also assisted another shot by Backus as Aldous spoke up with a “look at Kailin!” shout out.  A proud coach (Kim French) stood by.

Other goals scored late in the game came from Shaylee Olmstead, unassisted; Parker from Moumen; and Olivia Francey on an entertaining “double cross” as the ball bounced from a corner kick by Backus across the field to Coburn and back to the center for Francey to tap it in seamlessly from the perfect position.  

The defense, lead by Winnie Downs and Elaina Robert, continues to clutch a shut out season so far. Once again this squad showed their athletic talents, willingness to take risks, and intelligence to work with game plays and strategies. 

The young Bears will finish their season with back to back games this Friday and Saturday on the Roger Dusharm Field. Friday afternoon’s game versus Potsdam will begin at 3:00 pm and Saturday’s game against Norwood-Norfolk will start at 10:00 am. Come on out to support the Bears! Please remember to wear your mask and socially distance if you are the gate list or enjoy the contest from the comfort of your vehicle and don’t forget to give a quick “honk” when the girls score a goal!

Coach French and the 2020 Golden Bears Modified Girls Soccer Team!

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