On a sun filled but chilly Friday afternoon the Canton Boys Varsity Soccer Team continued its’ winning ways in a hard fought battle vs. Salmon River Shamrocks on Roger Dusharm Field. The 2-1 score positioned the Bears to a perfect 7-0 start and the Shamrocks move to a record of 3-4 on the season.

The game began with a constant back and forth between the eighteens with neither team really getting a good look at their opponents goal. It was clear that both teams came to play and felt like any typical late October contest with a play-off atmosphere. The Golden Bears opened the scoring on a rip by Junior Rhett Palmer following a scrum in the goal box.

A bit of anxiety hit the Bears when Senior Goaltender Parker Hunt went down with a fluke ankle injury as he attempted to retrieve a ball. The possession and goal kick belonged to the Bears and as Hunt stepped out of bounds to get the ball, he apparently turned his ankle and went to the ground. The Bears scrambled a bit on the sideline as a Section X rule preventing more than 20 players from participating per game saw back-up goaltender Hayden Todd in street clothes unable to play. Without hesitation junior Chris Downs grabbed a practice jersey to cover his game uniform and entered the game. Downs played several outstanding minutes for the Bears during Hunt’s absence and also contributed some valuable field minutes as well. Hunt did eventually return to the game and finished it for the Bears.

The next score placed the Bears in control of the game during the early point of the second half when Matt Haycook aggressively took the ball which spent a good few seconds bouncing around in front of the Shamrock net as he hammered it home.

The 2-0 advantage did not seem to bother the visiting Salmon River team and actually looked as if it inspired them to play a little harder. They controlled the game over the course of the next 8 minutes until #11 (name not available) took a rebound off of Parker Hunt and calmly sank it into the goal. The intensity of the game immediately returned as the Rocks had some life once again !

The Bears eventually rallied and although they did not score again, it was apparent that they wanted to secure the victory as they controlled the game the remainder of the way. Coach Matt Caufield commented about his defense after the game. “The defense continues to control the field and therefore the game.” Those guys put us in a position to win every night. Caleb Bentley-Hicks, Peter Coakley, Sam Pfotenhauer, and Trey Bessette are so good back there together! I then think about how hard the guys up front play and with Chris Schuckers in the middle playing solid on both ends of the field, it is no wonder why we are winning games. We can’t be too excited and need to get some rest tonight, we have a HUGE game tomorrow when Massena comes to town!”

Massena does indeed visit Canton tomorrow, Saturday, October 31. Game time is set for a Noon start on the Roger Dusharm Field.

Rhett Palmer and Matt Haycook each scored goals in the 2-0 win over Salmon River on Friday Night.

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